A New Chapter – Quitting my Day Job

be_free_katie_murphy_authorI did it! Today is my last day at work. I have taken the big scary leap. I quit my job to pursue my writing career. A dream I have wanted to chase since I was 5. And today, I’m finally free to do it!

How? Why now? All great questions…

I am 1/4 through my second draft of my novel and I have put aside a nest egg of money that I will be living off of until September. Yep, that’s the magical deadline. After that time, I’ve either got to have money coming in from my writing – that can include competitions, selling my book, newspaper articles, etc. OR I will need to get a part-time gig.  The last option is that I end my crazy notion of following this dream and go back to working a day job. And as a good friend reminded me on Facebook:



Am I scared? You betcha! I do not like the idea that I need to crawl out of my shell and put myself as an artist out there. The constant stream of “What if they don’t like me?” running through my mind. But, when I stop and put things in perspective, I’m more scared to live the wrong life. The one I’m not supposed to live.

Lastly, I want to thank my wonderful husband. We were originally saving that money to buy a home here in San Diego. And one night, after putting bids on several homes and losing them all, he asked me, “What would you rather do – buy a home or stay home and pursue your writing?” All I could do was answer him honestly. I said, “I’d rather pursue my writing. If it takes off and I’m making the same I’m making right now, we can go right back into the house hunt again.”  So, he shelved his dream of a home for me to chase mine. I will never be able to express to him how much that one gesture means to me.

So, hubby is on board. I took my half of the nest egg. We need to keep some of it for emergencies. And here I am… chasing my dreams.

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