Let’s Try this Again


It is now February. I finally started to feel better after that nasty cold around Friday. I simply couldn’t focus on writing, but I did manage to keep up some posts on my Facebook page. I also was able to get some reading done. But mostly, I spent the time day dreaming about my novel. Twisting plot lines in my head and watching mystery movies to get inspired and dissect how they reveal clues and hints. Rested up the weekend to make sure it’s gone and here I am. Ready to go… again.

This is the month where my goal is to finish my second draft. I’m using the hashtag #februaryisthenewnovember to keep myself motivated.

What I didn’t expect was the outpouring of support from my fans on my Facebook page!  I had over 125 people cheering me on today. I hit my goal of 2,500 words today and it felt good to celebrate that with everyone. I know this month is going to be full of amazing victories!


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