Excerpt from Book – Chapter 4

Jesse-Shelby-Katie-MurphyShelby opened the door to Jesse’s guestroom without knocking. It was 30 minutes before their meeting, and she had to set her plan in motion immediately. She found the room empty but heard the shower going in the adjourning bathroom. Even better. She had worn a too-short skirt, a low cut top, and killer heels. Now, she quickly stripped down to her lace bra and panties but kept the heels on. She climbed onto his bed, flipped her long blonde hair to give her that sexy bedroom hair, and sucked hard on her own lips to make them plump and moist. That just-kissed look. She knew how she looked and what she was doing. It never failed on Jack. He loved when she posed like this for him. And although she’s not the cheating type, a girl has to do what she has to do. Besides, she suspected that Jack wasn’t exactly the faithful type himself.

When she heard the bathroom door open, she intentionally directed her gaze at his feet. Slowly, enticingly, she looked up the length of him. Admired the muscular V-shape of his hips that dipped into his towel. Then his firm abs. Each muscle etched out in detail. By this time, she wasn’t pretending to admire him. Wow, he was in shape. By the time she reached his firm chest and broad shoulders, she was actually looking forward to seducing Jesse McAdams. Admitting, that it might even be fun.

But, when she reached his eyes, instead of seeing them hazy with heated lust, she saw blue flames of anger. Angry? Still determined to carry out her plan, she fluttered her eyes at him and then with a small sexy smile, looked adoringly up through her lashes at him.

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  1. Kirk Raeber // June 5, 2017 at 6:05 am // Reply

    Great excerpt that is well written. I am excited to read the entire book.

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