Excerpt from Book – Chapter 4

Shelby opened the door to Jesse’s guestroom without knocking. It was 30 minutes before their meeting, and she had to set her plan in motion immediately. She found the room empty but heard the shower going in the adjourning bathroom. Even better. She had worn a too-short skirt, a low cut top, and [...]

Excerpt from Book – Chapter 13

                                            If it had been any other day, Mateo would’ve biked around Chicano Park before cutting back to his house on South Evans Street. But, his mom was [...]

First Draft is Complete

Excerpt: Shelby just hit her favorite part of her daily jog, she turns off the sidewalk and down the hill into the deep soft sand. With each swift stride, pebbles of sand slip into her socks and shoes. A sensation that she hated at first, but now loves how it scratches her skin. It is nice just to [...]