Half Way There – 27,000 Words to Go

I have been cranking out my draft. I already have 22,000 words added to my second draft and I’m half way there. Last week, I was really developing my characters.

This week, I’m finding that my first draft was really all over the place.novel-is-a-mess-katie-murphy-author

I guess that should be expected. After all, I wrote it over a year with long breaks in between. But, it is funny to me to see the lead male hero, Jesse McAdams, not only have an entirely different occupation and attitude, but at one point, he’s completely erased and morphed with Rusty, the father-like figure in the book! I seriously don’t want to have an Oedipus conversation here, but I had to chuckle when I saw that I had done that. pop-art-katie-murphy-author-what-was-i-thinking

He’s not the only the one who changed throughout the first draft. I find that I have to re-write all of the later scenes with Mateo, a secondary character who is caught up in the Barrio Logan gang. I made him younger and more immature as the book went on. He’s actually supposed to get more mature and tougher.

I think a younger version of myself would get discouraged by this. Today, I feel empowered that I can bring this together and make it even better. And I’ve saved the other parts of the story because I really liked those scenes. I hope to use them in a future book. I mean, this is what a second draft is all about, right??






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