February 2015

Half Way There – 27,000 Words to Go

I have been cranking out my draft. I already have 22,000 words added to my second draft and I’m half way there. Last week, I was really developing my characters. This week, I’m finding that my first draft was really all over the place. I guess that should be expected. After all, I wrote [...]

Fun with Character Development!

There are 370 questions in this Character Development form and I’m filling one out for each important character in my book! What’s cool is that I’m learning so much more about them! I’m surprised by how powerful this is. It’s pretty intense! Try one of your own! [...]

Let’s Try this Again

It is now February. I finally started to feel better after that nasty cold around Friday. I simply couldn’t focus on writing, but I did manage to keep up some posts on my Facebook page. I also was able to get some reading done. But mostly, I spent the time day dreaming about my novel. [...]